Getting Started

Basic steps to get access to Biophysical instruments

  1. In order to access the Biophysical instruments, you need an active RRC account number tied to a funding source. If you don’t have one, register. If necessary, contact Marcus George ( for more information.
  2. Contactthe Facility director, Hyun Lee ( to get a consult.
  3. Decide whether to use an assisted-run by by a staff or to get a training to become a self-user.
  4. In case you decide to become a self-user, you need to get a training.
  5. When your training is done, you can email Hyun Lee ( to make a reservation. You will have to make your first day of reservation as an assisted-run so that a staff can assist you when you have to use the instrument by yourself for the first time.
  6. When you become an approved self-user, you can log in to iLabs and find Biophysics Core (BPC) and schedule.


To initiate a research collaborating project

Please contact Hyun Lee ( for a consult and discussion.