• Q. Where do I drop off my samples?
    A. Please always contact us before sample submission regarding sample preparation when the first time you submit samples to us. Our address are:

    • Main Lab
      E-12 Medical Research Building (MSB)
      835 S Wolcott Ave
      Chicago, Illinois 60612
      Service samples can be submitted 6-18 weekday.
      MUST have printed submission form.
    • East Lab
      109A SES
      845 W Taylor St.
      Contact MSC@uic.edu for submission


  • Q. How do I retrieve my results?
    A. Formal report will be delivered by e-mail once it’s ready.
    For raw data acquisition, please contact us directly.


  • Q. How do I cite the core?
    A. Example: Mass spectrometry analysis was performed at Mass Spectrometry Core within the Research Resources Center (RRC) at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC).


  • Q. How do I register my funds ?
    A. Please refer to this link: here


  • Q. Who do I contact with questions?
    A. Please refer to staff directory. It will tell you who is in charge of what services and make it easier to connect with the right person. Please use email as much as possible, since that is the easiest way for us to access your messages.


  • Q. Who should I contact for administrative assistance
    A. Please email our admin team at rrcadmin@uic.edu


  • Q. Who should I contact for technical assistance on RRC Websites?
    A. Please submit an iLabs ticket with the Scientific Computing Core