Protein Core

Protein Core is a research-focused core providing biomolecular expertise serving Academic and Non-Academic research professionals from both within and outside the UIC community. All research services include consultation and any collaborative efforts tailored to accomplish individual research objectives.

Users are encouraged to discuss their research intent with core scientists prior to submitting their samples

PTC  projects include, but are not limited to:

  • Protein production/purification/characterization
  • Peptide synthesis/purification/characterization
  • Metabolite synthesis/purification/characterization
  • Antiprotein/antipeptide antibody production/purification/characterization (polyclonal antibody; monoclonal  antibody)
  • HPLC; Biophysical spectroscopic characterization; 1-D and 2-D  gel electrophoresis (SDS, Native, IEF) with Western Blotting; ELISA; tissue culture; others.