Genome Research Core

Genome Research Core, located in the College of Medicine West Tower, serves the UIC scientific community as well as external academic and non-academic researchers as a multi-faceted facility providing a broad range of services to investigators, including nucleic acid extraction, cell line authentication, Mycoplasma testing, quantitative PCR, capillary sequencing and next-generation sequencing (NGS). It also offers consultation for all projects, as needed. Sequencing also houses instrumentation for customer use (real-time PCR instruments, nucleic acid quantification devices, and acoustic shearing devices) and provides full service for nucleic acid extraction, quantitative PCR and analysis, daily capillary electrophoresis (Sanger) sequencing, and high-throughput NGS for analysis of DNA and RNA. It has particular expertise in the high-throughput microbiome studies and is highly responsive for time-sensitive sequencing projects.  The Core also provides scientific support and instrumentation for studying single cell and tissue gene expression, microRNA profiling, transcriptional regulation, genotyping, copy number analysis, and methylation.