Genome Editing Services

Project consultation / experimental design

All projects begin with a discussion to determine the most effective strategy for achieving the investigator’s goals. Typically, the most productive conversations start with the investigator simply telling us the change needs to be made to the genome. From there, we work together to determine for each investigator’s project, what are the most important parameters (minimizing off target effects, efficiency of mutagenesis, cost, etc.). Once an optimal experimental plan is decided, we work together with the investigator to complete the genome editing project. Go to the iLab to initiate a project by filling out the Project Initiation form.


Generate customized DNA reagents

We make the linear DNAs and/or plasmids needed for an efficient genome editing project. The investigator then takes these reagents and is responsible for introducing them into the target of choice (cell line or organism).


Synthesize RNA reagents for injection

For some projects, such as mutation of genes in mice, injection of RNA works better than DNA. We will make the RNA in a quality-controlled, RNAse-free setting and test the quality of each preparation.


Provide reagents for screening

One of the most confusing parts of a project can be ensuring that a cell (or organism) actually has the desired genome edit, and only the desired change. In addition to consultation, we will provide the DNA reagents and guidance on performing a screen to select only the right cells.


Make an edited cell line for you

Tell us exactly what change you want to make to the genome of your favorite cell line, and we will make it for you.


Make an edited mouse for you

We will make the reagents and have them injected. Making small targeted deletions and indel mutations follow the “Knockout mouse” fee structure, below.


Prepare mouse ES cells for blastocyst injection

If you have a clone that you want injected to make a chimera, we will thaw the cells and prepare them for injection.

Please note, Investigators from the Northwestern University and the University of Chicago are provided internal rates as all UIC users. All other users can access services but, at either external academic or external non-academic rate.