Getting Started

Fund Registration

To use Sequencing Core resources, users must register their funds with a payment source.

For internal UIC users, sources must be linked to a C-FOAPAL.

For external users, sources are linked to a mailing address. At the end of each month, all projects sent to billing are used to generate invoices that are sent to the mailing address associated with the payment source. Payment can be made via purchase order, check, credit card and wire transfer. Contact Marcus George ( and Chun Dai ( for more information.

Please follow directions in this link to register payment sources .

To Request Service or Schedule Equipment Usage

The Sequencing Core uses a project management system called ‘CrossLabs’ to manage instrument use, register projects, keep track of project progression, assess project charges, create quotes, and ultimately, generate bills. Users must be registered BOTH with the RRC (see above) and with the CrossLabs system before work can be initiated. Please remember that the RRC account number (RRCAN) that you generate is the most essential for billing purposes, and this RRCAN must be linked to your CrossLabs account before we can start working on your project. For investigators with multiple lab members, each lab member can generate their own CrossLab account and be granted access to whichever RRCANs the PI desires. Please follow the instructions below for CrossLab registration.

  1. Navigate to the Sequencing Core CrossLabs’s sign-up page
  2. Complete the registration form on the sign-up page. (You must fill out all fields. If you do not know your financial admin (lab manager), please put in your PI’s name in that field.)
  3. Receive a welcome email from CrossLabs (typically within one business day) with login credentials.
  4. Once you have your CrossLab credentials, let SQC staff know which RRCANs should be linked with your CrossLab account.
  5. Login to your CrossLab account.
  6. To find the Genome Research Division – Sequencing Core in CrossLabs, you may click on the “list all cores” link on the left panel. Once you have arrived at the SQC page, you may select ‘Schedule Equipment’ or ‘Request Services’ as appropriate.

Other Accounts

  •  Please register for a free Illumina BaseSpace account if you are planning on performing next generation sequencing.
  •  To order oligos from IDT with discount and free shipping, you must use this link to register: After you have registered, oligonucleotide ordering is performed through the IDT website, but is linked to your RRCAN for billing purposes. You MUST have an RRCAN to use this service.


Investigators from the Northwestern University and the University of Chicago are provided internal rates through the Chicago Biomedical Consortium agreement. All other users can access services but at external academic or external non-academic rates.