Track 1: Amplification of virus, ~ 2 weeks’ time, 1-2 mls @ 10E10 particles/ml
Track 2: Generation of adenovirus – individual investigators construct the shuttle vector, verify, and supply the DNA to core.
Core does recombination and virus generation, amplifies 1 time, ~ 1-2 months
Track 3: Core does subcloning, constructs the shuttle vector, and verifies. Core does recombination and virus generation,
amplifies 1 time, ~ 2 months, time/$ depends on exact goal (knockdown, overexpression, fusion tagging etc)

Adeno-Associated Virus:

Track 1: Investigator provides sufficient verified AAV shuttle DNA. One preparation = approximately 1-2 months time, vector genome titer included. 10e12 to 10e13 vector genomes. Core has constructs for AAV serotypes 1, 2, 4, 6, 8 and 9 currently.
Track 2: Core constructs the AAV shuttle vector, verifies and performs 1 preparation as above. Cost and time depends on nature of construct (knockdown, overexpression, tagging etc), minimally.


Dependent on user requirements. Typically, we generate sucrose purified vector with infectious titer ~10e9/ml (10e11-12 lp/ml)

For more specific services are available (promoter options, mutagenesis, fusion protein construction etc) please contact Dr Martin. Users are strongly encouraged to contact Jody in the planning process of a project.

Readily available virus stocks on hand include:

Many heat shock proteins, various kinases, as well as various myofilament proteins and several types of fluorescent proteins in adenovirus as well as AAVs and lentivirus.

Please note, Investigators from the Northwestern University and the University of Chicago are provided internal rates as all UIC users. All other users can access services but, at either external academic or external non-academic rate.