Grant Support

A letter of support detailing relevant RIC resources and services, such as bioinformatics, can strengthen grant proposals. To request a letter of support, please email us with the following details:

  • Project title
  • 2-3 sentences explaining the impact of the proposed work on the scientific and/or medical community
  • Specific aims (a draft is fine)
  • List of experiment types and services required (e.g., RNA-seq, differential analysis and pathway analysis)
  • Name of funding agency and grant type/RFA
  • Deadline
  • PI name, title, and affiliation
  • Requestor's name, if not PI
  • Email address

In addition to Letters of Support detailing RIC capabilities as they relate to a proposed project, we can also assist with crafting the study design and research strategy, and devising a budget for informatics analysis. Please also consider including a member of the RIC as a Co-Investigator in your application, which can strengthen your application by showing the collaborative involvement and support of an informatics expert.