Hours of operations

Normal hours of Operations unless otherwise noted are Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Central time. Any issues or requests should be sent via request form on iLab.

SCC Virtual machine acceptable use policy

The Scientific Computing Core (SCC) will create the virtual   machines (VMs) requested by the (VM user) as per VM request form previously submitted. (link to the form on iLab)

The VM user is responsible for abiding by this acceptable use policy detailed in this document as well as any acceptable use policies defined by the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC).

Electronic patient health information (ePHI) and patient identity information (ePII) will NOT be stored or transmitted to/from the VM without prior written approval by SCC.

Shell access, e.g. login, will be allowed via secure shell (SSH) from the VM guest bastion (guest.rrc.uic.edu). Users should only use their personal account to access both the bastion and VM and should NOT knowingly allow other persons to use their login information to access  either the bastion or any VM.

Web (HTTP) access to any web server on the VM shall only be allowed via the HTTP proxies and all traffic from the proxy to any web client will be encrypted via  secure sockets layer (SSL). For any web server that handles ePHI, encryption shall be end-to-end, i.e. web client to VM web server. For any application in which all end users are members of UIC, authentication services will be provided by SCC using UIC Shibboleth.

Any additional access, e.g. direct SQL connections or network file shares, to/from the VM hosts will be denied by default and only allowed after evaluation by SCC on a case-by-case basis.

VM user responsibilities 

  • Provide current contact information.
  • Provide a list of software required for the VM.
  • Prompt reporting of issues and/or changes to services to the SCC issue tracking system
  • Provide account maintenance for any application level user accounts.
  • Respond in a timely manner to all security concerns.
  • Negotiate further backup requirements (backups of data within VM).
  • For any VM in storing or transmitting protected data, all users will complete the UIC’s HIPAA training, and keep this training up to date. Users will also agree to any other compliance requirements for the pertinent data.
  • Protect private sensitive information in accordance with the University of Illinois Acceptable Use Policy as appropriate HIPPA guidelines and policies. This includes but is not limited to encryption of any ePHI or ePII stored or transmitted by the VM.

FCC data policy

Please ensure to name your FCC folder in the format e-mailID-4numbers(usually month and date)-<textwithoutspacing>. Folder has to be zipped and loaded to the My Data drop folder on the desktop, incorrect format can result into no data. Please do not upload any data containing PHI information. The files need to be downloaded from your account ASAP as the data, which is older than 60 days will be automatically deleted. If you need data to be stored for longer than 60 days, please contact scc@uic.edu ASAP.

Hardware policy

  • All computer hardware and peripheral purchases will go through the Scientific Computing Center (RRC Tech).
  • In order to get continued support for workstations, we would suggest going for Dell or Lenovo computers
  • If you have, specific requirements (types of drives, monitors, processors etc.) let us know and we will provide appropriate quotes for the same before placing the order.
  • Provide a list of software required for the VM.