Special Orders

Note: If you are ordering from an off campus computer, please forward your special order request to

  • Orders are final once they have been placed with the vendor and no returns are possible.
  • We cannot order equipment on special orders.
  • We can not order from any quotes
  • We do not charge shipping/handling on special orders, but some of our vendors may add their own charges.
  • Due to the inclusion of Sigma and Stratagene/Agilent Technologies in the University of Illinois iBuy (, our prices may be slightly higher than iBuy. But for your convenience we have added Sigma and Stratagene/Agilent Technologies back on our Special Orders system.

Note : Special Orders will be on hold until iLab (CrossLab) is live.


All orders must be in by 11:00 AM on the order date.

We will place special orders for Cell Signaling Technology, Denville, RPI, National Diagnostics, Promega, GoldBio and Santa Cruz Biotech as needed.

Delivery request for 5 gallons or a case of 1 gallon alcohol to MBRB/SES/SEL and Dentistry can also be ordered online. Alcohol deliveries are scheduled for the 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month.

Submit a Scientific Storeroom special order

For all special order requests originating from an off campus computer please submit your request as usual on the website AND then forward your order confirmation to
Monday Mediatech, Sigma, Qiagen, Fermentas
Tuesday Agilent/Stratagene, New England BioLabs
Wednesday EMD, Cell Signaling Tech, Bio-Rad


Welcome to the UIC RRC Storeroom Online Catalog. The RRC Storeroom online catalog provides a listing of the storeroom items available for purchase by the faculty, staff, and students of the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Life Technologies / Invitrogen

When ordering thru the Life Technologies Supply Center system, please be sure to log in before adding items to the cart. This will ensure you receive the correct pricing and billing options during checkout. If you are prompted for non-Supply Center billing info then you are not in Supply Center mode and need to empty your shopping cart, log out, and then re-add your items.


Already registered with Life Technologies? Place your orders at the Life Technologies Supply Center.

Special orders can be made online with free delivery to the RRC Scientific Storeroom. Orders placed before noon on Monday will arrive at the Scientific Storeroom on Tuesday, and orders placed before noon on Wednesday will arrive on Thursday.

Please check our inventory online prior to ordering non-stocked items to save on the handling charge.

Please note, Investigators from the Northwestern University and the University of Chicago are provided internal rates as all UIC users. All other users can access services but, at either external academic or external non-academic rate.