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9.4 T MRI System

Our 31cm bore size 9.4T Agilent MRI system can provide the full support of MRS and MRI studies in animals with size up to 15cm in diameter. Our current system includes a complete set of three heavy duty and efficient gradient coils (305/210HD, 300A, 600mT/m, 205/120 HD, 300A, 600mT/m; and 115/60 HD, 200A, 1000mT/m). Task designated imaging RF coils are available to improve the MR image quality. An isofluorane anesthesia system, body temperature control, and vital signs monitoring system (i.e., temperature, respiration and ECG) plus an MRI-compatible small animal gating system (SA Instruments) are installed to permit free-breathing acquisition during quantitative MRI measurements

Polarean 9820 129Xe Hyperpolarizer

The 9820 129Xe hyperpolarizer provides a routine supply of high-purity, hyperpolarized 129Xe for gas phase magnetic resonance studies. The polarizer is installed near the 9.4 T MRI suite and processes a custom mixture of unpolarized 129Xe, N2, and 4He, into one or more doses of pure hyperpolarized 129Xe that is available for magnetic resonance studies.