• Q: How to request use and schedule instrument or service?
    A: Email core director Dr Jiwang Chen at chenjw@uic.edu
  • Q: Can instruments be used after hours or on weekends?
    A: Yes instruments can be reserved after hours and weekends after proper training on instrument and access has been granted to the individual or group.  Key will be signed out for access to room.  Please contact Maricela at mcaste4@uic.edu for key.
  • Q: How can you reserve instrument or service?
    A: Individual must email core director to initial training or request service from CVRC.  You may request reservation or request of service online once training or service has been approved by the core director.  Please note the individual must first register for UICore in order to be able to reserve or request any service online.
  • Q: Whom should I contact for administrative assistance?
    A: Please email our admin team at rrcadmin@uic.edu
  • Q: Who should I contact for technical assistance on RRC Websites?
    A: Please submit an iLabs ticket with the Scientific Computing Core