FAQs and Resources

  • Q: Where are the Electron Microscopes located?
    A: Microscopes are located on both the East and West Campuses. Materials Science TEMs plus XPS and Raman are located on the east campus in the western block of Science & Engineering South at Room 116, SES, 845 West Taylor St. Life Science TEM and the SEMs are located in the basement of the Medical Sciences Building at Room E5, MSB, 835 S Wolcott Ave. Maps and more information can be found on our contact page.
  • Q: When are EMC-E and EMC-W normally staffed?
    A: EMC-E is normally staffed Monday to Friday from 8:00am to 4:30 pm, EMC-W Monday to Friday from 8:30am to 5:00pm.  If you need to consult with a staff member about a project it is suggested you schedule a meeting by e-mail.
  • Q: How and when can trained users access the instruments?
    A: Trained users have I-card and keycode access to the instruments they have been trained on, and can book instruments from 8am to 5pm (8:30am EMC-W). Once a user has sufficient experience (Expert), as determined by EMC staff, you will be given access 24 hours per day every day of the year.
  • Q: How can I book instruments and how am I charged?
    A: Trained users can book the instruments they have been trained on using iLabs . Users who have not been trained, or need training, should get in touch with EMC staff to schedule assisted time. All instruments have an instrument log which must be filled in. You will be charged for the time used (in 30 minute increments after the charge for the first hour) based on the instrument log and not the booked time. Other information on cancellation and associated charges can be found on our Policies page.
  • Q: Who should I contact for technical assistance?
    A: Please contact Fengyuan Shi (fyshi@uic.edu)
  • Q: What research groups use EMS services in their work?
    A: You can find a list of some of the research groups that use EMS instrumentation in their research work here.
  • Q: Who should I contact for information about billing?
    A: Please email our admin team at rrcadmin@uic.edu.
  • Q: Who should I contact for technical assistance on RRC Websites?
    A: Please email our IT team at rrctech@uic.edu.