Getting Started

If you are reading this page there is a high chance that you have not yet worked in the RRC Fluorescence Imaging Core (FIC). The main scenario we encounter regarding how to start an imaging project is:

To get information about payment sources, please click here. For questions related to imaging of the preparation and accommodation, please email us at

To image the fixed (or live) cells (or tissue), you can:

  • Request training on the microscope and after training you continue image acquisition on your own.or
  • Request assistance (ie. an imaging core personnel operates the scope) if you are an occasional user who only needs couple of images.


To request training or assistance, please email us ( your availability for training or for the assisted imaging session, because we have to match your requested time with our availability. Also, include a description of your preparation in this email, because we need to match the preparation with the appropriate microscope.

After the training session, users have access to the instrument(s) through the scheduler  to book their own imaging sessions.