Research Histology Core

The Research Histology Core (RHC) is located in the Medical Sciences building and its mission is to provide high-quality and high-throughput histological and digital microscopy imaging services for reproducible, automated analysis of tissue morphological characteristics and biomarkers expression in human and animal tissue. The core offers consultations on project design, antibody selection for immunohistochemical staining, and image analysis approach. Please contact the core director, Maria Sverdlov (, to schedule a consultation.

Notice to all Research Resources Center Customers

In order to minimize COVID-19 spread, the Research Resources Center, Research Histology and Tissue Imaging Core is implementing the following temporary mandatory guidelines for using this core:

  • All customers entering the core space need to wear new, clean gloves
  • If there is a need to remove gloves, wash your hands with soap frequently and for at least 20 seconds. Do not touch your face or other individuals. Replace gloves as soon as possible
  • Instead of shaking hands, exchange greetings with a wave, bow, or nod
  • Please bring printed out iLab forms with your samples to avoid sharing keyboards as much as possible
  • Try to keep at least one meter/three feet distance between yourself and others
  • Disinfect anything you used during your visit with 70% ETOH or disinfecting wipes provided by the core lab after every use:
  • Cryostat surface, wheel and blade stage handles, table for the samples, -20 freezer handle, brushed, pencils or markers
  • Microtome bench area, wheel and blade stage handles, brushes, pencils of markers
  • Keyboards, power buttons and computer desks

If you have any flu like symptoms (g., fever, cough, shortness of breath) please do not use the core services. You should stay home and follow the appropriate guidelines as indicated by the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) –

The RHC is located in two adjacent and interconnected buildings on the UIC West Campus:

Histology Lab – Medical Sciences Building, Rm E311, 835 S. Wolcott Avenue



Histology Services:

• Tissue processing, embedding, and sectioning (FFPE, frozen samples, cell pellets and 3D cell cultures)
• Direct chemical stains (e.g., H&E, Trichrome, PAS, toluidine blue, and others)
• Immunohistochemistry with chromogenic detection for up to two targets
• Immunohistochemistry with immunofluorescence detection of 1-3 targets using standard detections systems
• Simultaneous detection of up to 6 targets using tyramide signal amplification detection (PerkinElmer Opal® dyes)
• Microtome, cryostat, and Laser Microdissection (LMD) system training
• Antibody optimization and new assay development


Samples are accepted M-F from 9:30am until 5pm at the corresponding lab location. Please make sure to submit a copy of an iLab-generated sample submission form with your samples. Turnaround time is based on business days, not including the day of submission. Please allow 10 business days for routine histology and 1 day for brightfield whole slide scanning. Expedited services (4 business days for routine histology) are available (additional 30% charge). Turnabout of samples submitted for projects involving large number of samples (over 100 blocks), antibody optimization, new assay development, and advanced image analysis will be discussed during the consultation.