BOND RX Immunostainer

The Bond RX is a fully automated IHC and ISH staining platform for biotechnology and pharmaceutical research.  The Bond RX can be used for standard and dual IHC, multi target IF, ACDBio  RNAScope and PerkinElmer Opal Multiplex IHC.  It has a 30 slide capacity in three trays.

Microm International GmbH HM340 E Microtom

The Microm HM340 E is a multi-purpose microtome for use with paraffin, hard- and semithin-sectioning techniques. It will cut sections from .5 µm to 100 µm thick.

Leica LMD7000 Laser Capture Microdissection

Laser Microdissection (LCM) is a contact- and contamination-free method for isolating specific single cells or entire areas of tissue from a wide variety of tissue samples.  The LCM is located in the College of Dentistry.

Leica RM2155 Microtom

The Leica RM 2155 microtome is fully motorized and can cut sections from 0.5 to 60 microns with an automatic coarse feed.  It features an adjustable hand wheel for speed control and selectable cutting modes. The knife holder comes with new clamping plates, ensuring the user accurate sections.

Leica RM2255 Microtom

The Leica RM2125 is a rotary microtome for paraffin sectioning. Its specimen orientation system has an anti-tilt function that ensures accurate orientation of the specimen surface relative to the knife. The RM2125 universal knife holder base operates with a lateral displacement feature so that the full length of the knife edge can be used without having to change the tension setting on the previously clamped knife or blade.

Leica Biosystems ST5010 Autostainer XL

The Leica Autostainer XL is an efficient H&E and special stain autostainer which can stain up to 200 slides per hour. There are 18 reagent stations 5 wash stations and an integrated forced hot air oven that significantly reduces slide drying time.  It allows for simultaneous staining of up to 11 racks (30 slides/rack) using several different protocols. It has continuous load/unload drawer access and robot arm system which allows users to continue slide processing without interrupting the instrument operation.  The programming is flexible such that it allows a stain protocol to begin or end in any station and move in any station sequence that maximizes utilization of the instrument while also not allowing a stain protocol to begin that is incompatible with a protocol already in progress.

Leica CV5030 Glass Coverslipper

The Leica CV5030 is a fully automated glass coverslipper which produces slides with superior optical quality for reliable long-term storage.

Thermofisher Microm HM525 Cryo

The Microm HM 525 cryostat is used for sectioning of frozen specimens.  The chamber will go from +5°C down to –35°C.  It will create sections from 1 to 10 microns in 1 micron steps and 11-20 microns in 2 microns steps.  Trimming thickness can be from 10-500 microns.

ThermoFisher Evos FL

The ThermoFisher Evos FL is an inverted digital microscope for fluorescent and transmitted light applications.  It has an LED light source and a phase contrast 4x objective and non-phase 10x, 20x, 40x and an oil 100x objective.  It can accept most types of plates and slides for imaging.  It has Dapi (Ex 357/ Em 477), GFP (Ex 470/ Em 525) and RFP (Ex 531/ Em 593) filters for fluorescence.

Leica Aperio AT2

The Leica Aperio AT2 is a whole slide brightfield scanner for 1″ x 3″ standard microscope slides including whole sections, biopsies and tissue microarrays. The Aperio can scan slides at either 5x, 20x or 40x magnification.

PerkinElmer Vectra 3

The PerkinElmer Vectra 3 is a multi-spectral imaging system for use in both brightfield and fluorescence applications. The Vectra requires that samples be prepared on standard 1″ x 3″ microscope slides. Samples can be cultured cells, cell spreads, tissue sections or tissue microarrays.  The Vectra has 4x, 10x, 20x and 40x objectives.  Whole slide scanning using the Vectra is possible however the instrument is designed to randomly sample tissue of interest at high power for quantification.

Leica MZ16 Dissecting Microscope

The Leica MZ16 fluorescence stereomicroscope can be used to view and image three-dimensional objects.  The instrument has magnifications from 7.1x to 230x and has Dapi and FITC filters for fluorescence viewing.  The camera is a SPOT RT KE attached to a computer with SPOT and SPOT advanced software for image acquisition.

Definiens Tissue Studio

Tissue Studio is a flexible image analysis platform that allows for quantification of a wide variety of image types.  Some examples include single and dual chromegen IHC, up to 3 channel fluorescence quantification, CISH, FISH and tissue microarrays.  Definiens can score images acquired from a variety of sources including Leica Aperio, Hamamatsu Nanozoomer and the Zeiss LSM Confocal microscopes.

Indica Labs Halo

Halo is a modular suite of software tools for annotating and analyzing digital images that are either brightfield or fluorescent in origin.  The annotation tools are advanced and provide for concentric and tiled ROI partitioning, line segment division, margin creation, automatic layer thickness calculations and whole slide image registration.  It can analyze fields of view, whole slides or tissue microarrays and provide subcellular data per individual cell.  Halo can process images from either the Leica Aperio AT2 or PerkinElmer Vectra3 as well as a wide variety of whole slide scanners and standard image formats.