Getting Started

We have facilities and services that fit research and production requirements for everyone in academia or industry. Are you an external user or a UIC user?

Note: Northwestern and University of Chicago users by special agreement are considered the same as UIC users, when it comes to pricing.  All other academic users are can gain access to the facility as an external user. However, pricing for external academic or other non-profit users is sometimes less than external commercial users, based on the system being used.

To get information about creating an account with RRC , please click here

External User:

At NCF, we have three basic methods of collaboration with industry, which can be tailored toward companies of all sizes.

  1. Joint Research: Companies can participate in research at the NCF in areas of specific interest. Research programs may be developed to support specific company goals especially in the area of new product technologies. A key element in this research is the transfer of technology back to the industry which includes a limited amount of prototyping, and assistance in setting up a miniature clean room at the company’s facility or transferring any processes to a commercial foundry.
  2. Service: The NCF’s versatile processing facilities are accessible on a regular or daily basis. Industrial users are charged $5k for 3 months of independent access or $650 for a supervised day. Academic and non-profit users are charged $2k for a semester (4 months) of independent access or $400 for a supervised day. Outside users have to observe the same policies our graduate students follow.
  3. Training: Joint university and industry projects are possible whereby scientists from industry work at the NCF in conjunction with a professor to develop and investigate industrial and manufacturing applications of microfabrication. In addition, training workshops in microfabrication methodology are held at the NCF to aid companies in continuing education of their engineers and technicians in this significant technology. This training and research can promote the successful transfer of state-of-the-art techniques to industry.

Basic steps to get access

  1. Contact the Facility Director., Dr. Antonio DiVenere.
  2. Create a Research Resources Center (RRC) account number. The procedure is shown in the pdf file under the “New Users” section.
  3. If necessary, contact RRC Deputy Directors, Chun Dai or Vaiva Laikaita, at 312-996-7600 for more information.
  4. Study our safety exam.
  5. Request a day/time to take the safety exam at NCF Office Suite.
  6. Once the safety exam is passed, receive log-in information for our user site.
  7. Request training via the user site.

UIC User:

  1. Forward written permission from your adviser to the lab manager (contacts).
  2. Create an RRC account number, the procedure is shown in the pdf file under the “New Users” main section. (Note: Contact Chun Dai or Vaiva  Liakaita, RRC Office, at 312-996-7600 for more information.)
  3. Study the safety exam on the website.
  4. Arrange a day/time (by contacting us) to take the safety exam at NCF Office.
  5. Once you have passed, you will receive login information for our user site.
  6. Request training for equipment and processes.


The NCF is open to all users Monday-Friday 8:00 AM to 5:30 PM.

These hours will insure that facility staff is present in the event of an emergency. Short-term exceptions to this policy must be approved by the Lab Manager or the Facility Director. Users who want to work regularly outside the normal facility hours must follow the Extended Access policy.

Extended Access


  • Go to EHSO Online Training.
  • Follow their instructions, and register for an account if necessary.
  • Only take the Laboratory Safety Refresher Training exam.


If you're a... THEN... AND...
new user establish a user name*  (4-50 characters, not case sensitive) and password (8-12 letters or numbers) select, I want to link my record to my Institution,
*Use your email address select, UIC and click I have selected my institution, complete the fields and click Submit
registered user log in under your username and password in the header, verify that the institutional affiliation is UIC. It should read "Welcome, Your Name, UIC".
*If you have forgotten your password, e-mail Dr.Seyong and If the institution is incorrect, click Change Institutional Affiliation and choose UIC.
  • Select Courses Menu. Next to the module title, select Laboratory Safety and Chemical Waste Management course and then exam.
  • Complete the course and then exam.

All new NCF Users are required to take and pass the closed book safety exam to access the NCF clean room.  Users may simply come to the NCF Office Suite, Rm. 3064 ERF, any day between the hours of 9am and 3:30pm. There is no time limit to complete the exam.  One of the staff will grade the test and inform the User of the results.  All visitors who wish to enter and monitor other users must also pass the exam before access is granted. Once the exam is passed, Users will receive the clean room RFID access key and an outside door key.  The key must be later returned,  once the User’s UIC I-card is programmed into the door card swipe locks.

NCF Safety Exam

Verification of Training

All users who have successfully completed the course and passed the exam can print out a certificate of completion. To print your certificate, return to the Courses menu and select Print under Certificate.