Current Statement Text:

The authors would like to take this opportunity to thank the University of Illinois at Chicago’s Nanotechnology Core Facility of the College of Engineering and the Research Resources Center, Vice Chancellors Office for Research, for its services and instrumentation use.

Below is a non-exhaustive list of publications from NCF users who acknowledge the NCF in their publication.


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Dissertations and Theses:

  • DAGLI, CHINTAN RAJESH. Fast Speed, Multi-Scale Additive Manufacturing Process based on Dynamic Resolution Control Approach. Diss. University of Illinois at Chicago, 2016.
  • Fu, S. P. (2016). Investigation of the Wetting Behavior of Cerium Dioxide Coatings (Doctoral dissertation, University of Illinois at Chicago).
  • Patel, S. B. (2016). Mechanically and electrochemically stable multifunctional nanotubes for biomedical applications (Doctoral dissertation, Michigan Technological University).
  • Naimipour, Hamed. Modulation of Stem Cell Adipogenic Differentiation in Response to Mechano-Topographical Factors. Diss. University of Illinois at Chicago, 2012.