How to request service, schedule equipment usage, or purchase supplies from RRC?

Currently RRC is using two core management software and one for Scientific Storeroom management. However, by the end of this year, we will be fully consolidated into one system called CrossLab (iLab).

Here is the current timeline:

Already Live

  • Sequencing Core
  • Scientific Computing Core
  • Scientific Instrument Shop
  • Preclinical Imaging Core
  • Biophysics Core
  • Mass Spectrometry Core
  • Electron Microscopy Core
  • Research Informatics Core
  • Research Histology and Tissue Imaging Core
  • Genomics Core
  • Genome Editing Core
  • Fluorescence Imaging Core
  • Scientific Storeroom
  • Flow Cytometry Core
  • NMR Core
  • Nanotechnology Core Facility
  • Cardiovascular Research Core
  • UI Health Biorepository
  • High Throughput Screening Core

The following cores will go live in the Fall (please register for an RRCAN and UICore account in order to use these cores until they go live on CrossLab):

  • Protein Core
  • Viral Vector Core