UICore Registration

Create RRC user profile

  1. Go to the registration page and complete the form.
  2. Select the Role from the DropDown menu.  There are two roles available: the Authorized User and the Primary Account Holder (PAH).
    a.   If you are the Principal investigator or business manager, please select the Primary Account Holder role. In this role, you will be able to register funding sources, schedule equipment usage, request service, and purchase products using that funding source.
    b.   If you are the user of a fund that has already been created, please select the Authorized User role. In this role, you will be able to schedule equipment usage, request service, and purchase products using the funding source your PI or business manager has authorized you to use.
  3. Submit the Form
  4. You will receive a confirmation email from the RRC System. You must click on the link in the email to confirm and complete the registration.You have now successfully created your profile in the RRC System. Please continue to the next step – Registering Funding Source.

Instructions to follow during registration:

  1. Principal Investigator(PI) – Click here.
  2. Business/Proxy Manager(BM/PM) – Click here.
  3. Authorized User(AU) – Click here.

Registering Funding Source (Creating RRC Account Number)

To create an RRC Account Number (RRCAN), a user must be a Primary Account Holder (PAH).
The ANT tool can be used to create and manage the RRCANs.

Please follow the below steps to create an RRCAN:

  1. Log into the ANT tool.
  2. Click “New” in the top right menu pane.
  3. Create a unique RRCAN and then select payment type from the pull-down options (Purchase Order, CFOAPAL, Other).
    a.   If you select “Purchase Order” – enter the Purchase Order Number in the “Account / Reference Number” field and FAX a copy to 312-996-0539 (Attn: RRC Admin).
    b.   If you select “CFOAPAL” – enter the CFOAPAL Number in the “Account / Reference Number” field.
    c.   If you select “Other” – you do not have to enter anything in the “Account / Reference Number” field. We will issue the invoice and email it to you. You can choose your payment method at this time.Note. You may enter “awaiting PO number” at this step if you do not yet have a PO number from your institution. It can be edited at a later date. If you have multiple funding sources, you can create multiple RRCANs.*Contact RRC Admin @ rrcadmin@uic.edu for any questions related to the payment method or invoices.*Contact RRC Tech @ rrctech@uic.edu for issues related to the website or technical support.

Other RRC Applications

Department Electronic Voucher Retrieval (DELIVER)

Allows Primary Account Holder and/or your business manager to view/download Scientific Supply Center invoices only.

To visit DELIVER application, please click here.

RRC Reports System

Allows Primary Account Holder and/or business manager to download a report of all charges posted against accounts for RRC core facilities except the Scientific Supply Center.

To visit the RRC Reports Systems, please click here.