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The Research Resources Center is a division of the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research at the University of Illinois at Chicago. RRC offers research faculty and staff a diverse inventory of high-end scientific equipment as well as a wide range of services. The RRC also welcomes external users doing scientific research.

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RRC Cores

RRC currently has 17 cores that specialize in various research techniques and areas. These cores employ personnel with extensive skill sets in various scientific protocols who are able to assist or fully execute your research projects. Furthermore, these cores maintain a diverse inventory of fully calibrated instruments available for users. Each core offers training on the use of instruments and core staff are equipped with skills and knowledge to troubleshoot equipment usage problems. RRC Cores are divided into three divisions:

Bioanalytics, Biophysics & Cytomics Division
Genome Research Division
Scientific Imaging & Nanotechnology Division


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RRC Research Support Division

In addition to the cores, RRC has a suite of Research Support Units:
Scientific Computing Core
Scientific Instrument Shop
Scientific Storeroom
UI Health Biorepository

These units function in collaboration with all other cores as well as individually to give our customers full support in their research endeavors.

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Research Resources Center Administrative Office

835 S. Wolcott Ave, MSB, Suite E102, MC 937, Chicago, Illinois 60612


Biophysics, Bioanalytics, & Cytomics Division:

  • Biophysics Core – CfSB 119 1100 S. Ashland Ave
  • Flow Cytometry Core – MSB E25, 835 South Wolcott Ave
  • High Throughput Screening Core – MBRB 3370, 900 S. Ashland Ave
  • Mass Spectrometry Core – MSB E12, 835 South Wolcott Ave
  • NMR Core – CfSB 112 1100 S. Ashland Ave
  • Protein Core – CMWT A304, 835 South Wolcott Ave
    Genome Research Division:

  • Genome Editing Core – MBRB 2268, 900 South Ashland Avenue
  • Genomics Core – CMWT A302, 835 South Wolcott Ave
  • Research Informatics Core – CMW 321, 1819 West Polk Street
  • Sequencing Core – CMWT A310, 835 South Wolcott Ave
  • Viral Vector Core – COMRB 2080, 909 S. Wolcott Ave
    Scientific Imaging & Nanotechnology Division:

  • Cardiovascular Research Core – MSB E6C, 835 S Wolcott Ave
  • Electron Microscopy Core –
    East Campus: SES Suite 100, 845 West Taylor St
    West Campus: MSB Suite E32, 835 South Wolcott Ave

  • Fluorescence Imaging Core – MSB E325, 835 S Wolcott Ave
  • Nanotechnology Core Facility – ERF 3064, 842 W. Taylor St
  • Preclinical Imaging Core – NMRL B01, 830 South Wood Street
  • Research Histology and Tissue Imaging Core – COMRB 6120, 909 S Wolcott Ave
    Research Support Division:

  • Scientific Computing Core – CMW 327, 1819 West Polk Street
  • Scientific Instrument Shop – CSN W17, 840 S Wood St
  • Scientific Storeroom – CMWT A305, 835 South Wolcott Ave
  • UI Health Biorepository – MSB E311, 835 South Wolcott Ave
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