Research Resources Center Organization

Research Resources Center has various divisions, which are conducting services in a specific area of expertise, and support units, which are complimentary as well as service providing shops and cores. The divisions are comprised of various cores that furthermore specialize in specific research techniques and areas. Support units work in collaboration with other cores to create all-in-one projects as well as offer specialized services to all customers.


Led by Balaji Ganesh, Associate Director, RRC-Bioanalytics, Biophysics, & Cytomics Division

Core Leadership
Biophysics Core Hyun Lee, Director
Flow Cytometry Core Balaji Ganesh, Director
High Throughput Screening Core Kiira Ratia, Director
Mass Spectrometry Core Hui Chen, Director
NMR Core Ben Ramirez, Director
Protein Core Bao-Shiang Lee, Director

Lead by Stefan Green, Associate Director, RRC-Genome Research Division

Core Leadership
Genome Editing Core Maureen Regan, Assistant Director
Genomics Core Zarema Arbieva, Director
Genomics Research Core
Research Informatics Core Mark Maienschein-Cline, Director
Sequencing Core Kevin Kunstman, Assistant Director
Viral Vector Core Jody Martin, Director

Led by  Alan Nicholls, Associate Director, RRC-Scientific Imaging & Nanotechnology Division

Core Leadership
Cardiovascular Research Core Jiwang Chen, Director
Electron Microscopy Core Fengyuan Shi, Director
Fluorescence Imaging Core Peter Toth, Director
Nanotechnology Core Facility Antonio DiVenere, Director
Preclinical Imaging Core Weiguo Li, Director
Research Histology and Tissue Imaging Core Maria Sverdlov, Director

Led by Vaiva Liakaite, Associate Director, RRC-Finance and Operations

Unit Leadership
Scientific Computing Core Sonika Anand, Assistant Director
Scientific Instrument Shop Joel Rodriguez, Manager
Scientific Storeroom Ronald McKinney, Manager
UI Health Biorepository Nick Perez, Manager