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The NMR Core operates primarily as a research facility; individuals receive training to operate the NMR spectrometers independently and conduct their own experiments.  Because of the complicated setup of data acquisition and delicate nature of the instrumentation, users undergo extensive training and can request assistance as needed.  Competent or Expert Users can proceed to utilize the instruments after adequate demonstration of proficiency/ability to operate the instrumentation and software.

General Considerations.

  • Instruments time is scheduled one week in advance. Please submit time request (with total number of hours needed) one week before or prior to date(s) requested. If the instrument is standing idle, users can utilize any/all free time available.
  • To schedule the instruments time on iLab, please go to click here

Instrumentation and services are available to all researchers inside and outside of the university.

Researchers from Northwestern University and the University of Chicago are provided UIC internal rates. All other users can access services but at an external academic or external non-academic rate, which is determined using subsidy and market rates.


All users must register their funds by creating a RRC account before requesting service or scheduling equipment usage.


All users are responsible for their own laboratory safety training to be current during each use of the core facilities.