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  • Users must follow all appropriate safety guidelines and precautions regarding high field, superconducting magnets.
  • Users must follow sensible security practices such as ensuring doors are locked, especially after hours, and exiting computer sessions properly.  All guests must be escorted.
  • Individuals must complete training or appropriate hands-on certification in order to reserve instrument time.  Any non-standard experiment must be approved by facility manager first.
  • Users must have a current RRC account number in order to use NMR instrumentation.
  • Users should provide notice of cancelation of a reservation for instrument time at least 24 hours in advance.
  • Users should report any NMR instrumentation errors or malfunctions to the facility manager.  Users should never attempt to repair or alter electronics in any manner.
  • Any samples broken inside the magnet or probe must be reported immediately.
  • Lab gloves should be removed prior to entering facility.  Food and beverages should not be placed on any tables or desks with computer equipment.
  • The NMR Facility will not provide long-term data archival.  Users are responsible for proper the long term archival of NMR data.
  • Users should retrieve or recover any and all samples once experiments are completed.  Unclaimed samples are subject to disposal.
  • Users will be financially responsible for equipment repairs if any violation of policies or intentional, malicious acts result in damage to NMR instrumentation or computers.
  • No items or equipment are to be removed from the NMR facility without permission or approval of the NMR facility manager.
  • Bicycles and pets are not allowed in the Magnet Hall.