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NMR Core

The NMRC Core, located in the Center for Structural Biology, provides access for researchers, staff, and students to high sensitivity, high-resolution solution state NMR instrumentation for studies of protein function, biochemical processes and natural products characterization projects. Within the facility is high-resolution solution state NMR instrumentation equipped for studies of ligand binding or drug discovery, natural products characterization, protein function in biochemical processes, and the identification of metabolites in cell extracts and biofluids.

We also provide competent and qualified training and education for students, postdocs and staff to operate scientific instrumentation, to analyze and interpret complex data as well as devising proper techniques or approaches to conducting analytical studies or research.

Last we are available to advise and collaborate with researchers that wish to pursue projects such as fragment-based library screening/drug discovery, the analysis of metabolites, biofluids or mixtures as well as detailed studies that require structural biology or biophysics data.

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