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Preclinical Imaging Core

Small Animal Imaging for intra- and extramural researchers

The Preclinical Imaging Core (PIC) facility aims to promote Small Animal Imaging for all researchers. Heading link

PIC facility, located in the NMRL building, houses:

  1. a 31cm bore size 9.4T Agilent MRI system that can provide the full support of MRS and MRI studies in small animals (including mouse, rat, rabbit);
  2. a 129Xe hyperpolarizer that provides high-purity, hyperpolarized 129Xe for gas phase magnetic resonance studies;
  3. two sets of isofluorane anesthesia system, body temperature control, and vital signs monitoring system were installed;
  4. two sets of home-designed isolation chamber systems for infected animals and animals from extramural research projects.

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