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Mar 22 2023

(cryo)FIB/SEM across the disciplines

A hands-on UIC-NU workshop

March 22 - 23, 2023

9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

fisher TEM machine


Student Center East Illinois Rooms


750 S. Halsted Street, Chicago, IL 60607



EBSD mapping of cathode material on FIB

This 2-day workshop will celebrate the arrival of a state-of-the-art FIB/SEM at the UIC’s Research Resources Center Electron Microscopy Core (EMC). The dual-beam instrument, a ThermoFisher Helios 5 CX, was purchased with support from the University of Illinois Chicago, Northwestern University, and the ARO DURIP Program. It is equipped with an Aquilos cryo-stage and a Leica vacuum cryo transfer system, and offers STEM, EDS, and EBSD detectors in addition to back scattered and secondary electron contrast analyses. A unique capability is the tie in with a Ferrovac UHV cryo-shuttle that enables transfer of samples for analysis at the Northwestern University Center for Atom Probe Tomography (NUCAPT).

With this workshop, we aim to bring together current and future users from the Chicagoland metropolitan area and beyond. We will introduce new sample preparation, (quantitative) imaging, and tomography capabilities, and discuss room and cryogenic applications across the physical sciences, engineering, and the life sciences. We will further highlight opportunities for correlative imaging at Chicagoland user facilities such as EMC, NUCAPT, NUANCE, APS/ANL, and the University of Chicago’s Advanced Electron Microscopy facility.

On the first day, the workshop will feature a keynote and invited speakers drawn from world-renowned experts in (cryo)-FIB/SEM, cryo-EM, and atom-probe tomography: Jamie Warner, PhD, University of Texas at Austin; Nabil Basim, PhD, McMaster University; Elizabeth Wright, PhD, University of Wisconsin Madison; Phillip Heck, PhD, Field Museum Chicago; Si Chen, PhD, Argonne National Laboratory; and Derk Joester, PhD, Northwestern University. We will seek contributed and vendor talks representing the broad range of user communities. The second day is reserved for lab-tours and hands-on demos. Tours of UIC-EMC and demos of liquid cell EM capabilities will also be offered to interested workshop participants. Enabling remote participation is under consideration.


Fengyuan Shi

Date posted

Feb 8, 2023

Date updated

Mar 20, 2023

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