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International Payments


ALL, except for checks, international payments MUST be submitted through ©Flywire.

If a payment is not sent through ©Flywire and has insufficient funds to cover all wire transfer fees, your account will continue to collect fees until covered fully.

Step 1 - Use University of Illinois ©Flywire Account Heading link


Go to

(if you are having difficulty with the website navigating to student site, exit the browser and come back to the link again)

Step 2 - Select Country and Type in Invoice Amount Heading link


1. Select your country
2. Type in invoice amount

Step 3 - Select Preferred Payment Method Heading link


Select preferred payment method (image only shows examples)

Step 4 - Fill in Payer Information Heading link

Fill in payer information

Step 5 - Fill in Payment Information (Account Number and Invoice Number) Heading link


Fill in payment information and most importantly:

1. Account Number – Your account number is listed on your invoice as “Group Account Number.”

2. Invoice Number – this number is on the pdf iLab system has sent you. You can also find all of your invoices on iLab -> top left menu -> Invoices.

Complete Payment

Where to find the Invoice Number? Heading link


You can find the invoice number on the pdf invoice sent to you/your business manager. If you did not receive your invoice, please contact us at

In addition, you can also find all of your current and past invoices on iLab -> top left hand corner menu -> Invoices