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Computational Resources

Compute Resources

The RIC has exclusive access to high-performance compute resources on the UIC Extreme supercomputer, enabling us to perform computationally-intensive analyses in a timely manner on behalf of customers. These resources include an 80-core compute queue, and a 64-core high-memory (1TB RAM) queue.

Ingenuity Pathway Analysis

The RIC administers an institutional license to Ingenuity Pathway Analysis (IPA). It is used on behalf of researchers by the RIC during bioinformatics analysis, and is available for researchers to use themselves for an annual fee of $1500/user. Users may request access to IPA through iLab at


The RIC Galaxy serves as a user-friendly compute environment for customized workflows created by the RIC. For more information, please contact us about Galaxy. CRI Galaxy users may log in at CRI Galaxy (account required).