Genome Research Division Cores:

Genome Editing Core

The GEC seeks to enable broad incorporation of genome editing technology and genetically engineered cells and mice into researcher’s programs by providing CRISPR reagents, training, and services.

Genomics Core

The Genomics Core (GMC) provides resources for investigating gene functioning with an emphasis on applying DNA microarray technology to transcriptional profiling and transcriptional regulation studies, genotyping and molecular cytogenetics based studies. Services for real-time PCR based array data validation studies are also available.

Sequencing Core

The Sequencing Core (SQC) is a multi-faceted facility providing nucleic acid extraction, quantitative PCR, sequencing and next-generation sequencing (NGS) services to UIC. The core houses instrumentation for customer use (quantitative PCRs, nucleic acid quantification devices, and acoustic shearing devices) and provides full service for nucleic acid extraction, quantitative PCR and analysis, daily capillary electrophoresis (Sanger) sequencing, and high-throughput NGS for analysis of DNA and RNA.

Viral Vector Core

Our mission is to provide researchers with a single facility where they can access a comprehensive range of resources and services for gene transfer purposes. The Core constructs, purifies, and titers custom recombinant adenovirus, adeno-associated virus, and lentivirus.